"Saved By The Bell"
An original documentary and narative film , Directed by Buck Heller & Stephen R. Velichko
Featuring: Katherine, Bisaccia, Tori Lopez, Michael Squitieri, Xavier Zenon and Brooks Gibbs

Peers Influence Peers XXVI:

Saved By The Bell

Empathetic and Kind high school students - a vision








Peers Partnership's 27th year, our focus:


Youth LGBTQ issues

How does the school shootings and violence affect the anxiety of students

Update on the Opiate crisis: a follow up to our "Chasing It" and "Chasing Life" docs

The Peers Influence Peers Partnership, with the cooperation of the Putnam County Legislature, the Putnam Valley Central School District and The Putnam Northern Westchester Tech Center Film program has for 26 years put youth on media using their influence with their peers to make positive choices.