"Saved By The Bell"
An original documentary and narative film , Directed by Buck Heller & Stephen R. Velichko
Featuring: Katherine, Bisaccia, Tori Lopez, Michael Squitieri, Xavier Zenon and Brooks Gibbss

Chasing Life

A Telly Award winning documentary film about Recovery from Opiate Addiction. This 61 minute film is a follow up to our film, Chasing It. With the opiate addiction crisis ravaging communites across the country here is a look at resources for those who suffer from addiction. Saint Christopher's Inn, The NYS Youth Club House, and the EAGALA model. Available for individual purchase on April 10, 2018 at Amazon.com and for public performance from Soundview Media

Chasing It

"Chasing It" features dramatic and heart breaking interviews and the science behind addiction with Dr. Marc Fishman. This 46 minute documeentarywas the recipient of two Communicator Awards of Distinction and was a selection to the Big Apple Film Festival, Fall, 2014. Available for individual purchase on Amazon.com and for public performance from Soundview Media. Partners.

"Chasing It" was reviewed in the School Library Journal, April 2016








Empathy and Kindness for High School

Peers Influence Peers XXVI:

Saved By The Bell

Video Highlights of the Peers 25th Anniversary Celebration on "About Us" page

The Peers Influence Peers Partnership, with the cooperation of the Putnam County Legislature, the Putnam Valley Central School District and The Putnam Northern Westchester Tech Center Film program has 24 years put youth on media using their influence with their peers to make positive choices.