Buck Heller, Vice President
Peers Influence Peers Partnership, Inc.

Buck working with the talent on
"Fine Lines" (2012)

Buck and Ed in Arizona,
Peers XII: Road to Recovery, (2006)

As President of HELLER CREATIVE INC., Buck Heller draws on his extensive experience as a Performer, Producer, and Educator to provide training and development services in all communication skills. He is a frequent guest lecturer and motivational speaker for many corporate meetings. His easy to understand method of "IN BUSINESS, WHO YOU ARE DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU SAY AND HOW YOU SAY IT!" has been incorporated into many training programs used throughout the business community. His wide range of activities in the global business community have resulted in an impressive array of industry leaders including: Bill Marriott (Marriott), Dave House (AmEx), Susan Sobbott (AmEx), Roger Enrico (Pepsi Cola), Larry Kutscher (Register.Com), Steve Alesio (D&B), and William Shaw (Pres. Marriott International), to name a few.

HELLER CREATIVE INC. (HCI), specializes in all communications skills. Including, Leadership, Public Speaking, Speech Development and Delivery, Image Development, On-Camera Techniques, Podium Techniques, Stage Fright, Stress & Time Management, Script & Speaker Support, Writing, Group Dynamics, and overall comfort and confidence for executives, celebrities, educators and the political arenas.

As a Producer, BUCK HELLER has to his credits several hundred productions, and has received 2 "EMMY" Awards, as well as several "TELLY" and "CLEO" awards

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