Patricia Cassio, Treasurer
Peers Influence Peers Partnership, Inc.

Patricia on location
Arizona, (2006)

Pat working with talent
South Carolina, (2007)

Pat Cassio joined the Peers team in 1996. Her son, TJ was interviewed for the Peers II broadcast for his involvement with an Explorers post. He enjoyed the experience and joined Peers. Fortunate for us, so did Pat. Mrs. C. took on the role of corporate secretary, associate producer, substitute character actor, a nurse, script supervisor and keeper of the keys. In 2000 Pat and her daughter Jillian, a member of Peers, wrote the script for "I'll Be Your Shelter." This project was directed by Buck Heller, featured Buck's daughter, Peers member Tova, in a starring role and the director of photography was Peers member Adam Milt, assisted by his father and Peers Advisor, Victor Milt..

Pat works as a financial consultant for 5 different corporations and her work responsibilities have sidelined Pat from day to day operations of Peers but she still serves as corporate secretary and script consultant.

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